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Git Version Control Training

Duration Target group
2 days Software developers
and architects

Training overview
In this training, you will learn all the concepts and techniques for using the version control system Git. You learn all the details about merging, rebase, cherry-picking and synchronizing your work with your co-workers. The trainers are long-time Git and Gerrit users, trainers, book authors and EGit committers.

In the extensive practice section of the training, you will apply the new gained knowledge. During the training you will receive comprehensive training materials.

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Online Training

Language Price
Git in the vogella interactive Learning Portal English 120 EUR *


* Annual fee for the first year. For each additional year, the annual fee is 24 EUR. All prices are listed w/o VAT.

Onsite or virtual Training

Place Date Language Price
At your location or virtual tbd German / English Upon request


* All prices are listed w/o VAT.
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Distributed Version Control Systems and Git

  • Difference to centralized version control system like cvs, svn
  • Git setup and configuration

Git basics and Git repositories

  • Creating Git repositories
  • The usage of the staging area
  • Internal structure of a Git repository
  • Remote (bare) repositories

Working with branches and tags

  • Using local and remote branches
  • Tagging

Merging changes of different developments

  • Merging changes with the merge command
  • Merging changes with the rebase command
  • Selecting individual changes
  • Merge and rebase best practices
  • Temporary saving changes with git stash

Working and synchronizing with remote repositories

  • Configuration of remote repositories
  • Receiving changes from remote Git repositories
  • Pushing changes to remote repositories
  • Creating patches and pull requests

Change analysis in a Git repository

  • Accessing different versions of the files
  • Accessing older versions of the files
  • Differences between two commits
  • See the changed files between two commits
  • Using git bisect for error search

Git hosting provider (Optional)

  • Using Github (Optional)
  • Using Bitbucket (Optional)
  • Using Gerrit (Optional)

Team organization and best practices

  • Avoiding and solving merge conflicts
  • Best practices for working with Git


  • Deep-dive into the Git command line (Optional)
  • Deep-dive into the Eclipse IDE Git tooling (Optional)