Contributing to the Eclipse IDE Project

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The printed paperback second edition is available worldwide via the ISBN 978-3943747157. You can order it electronically from Amazon.


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This is the second edition of the book. It describes how to contribute to the Eclipse open source project using the Eclipse platform project as example. It starts with an introduction into the structure of the Eclipse project and how to contribute code via the Gerrit code review system. It includes a short introduction into Eclipse plug-in development.

It also includes a short introduction into JUnit tests and how to run the platform unit tests.

Afterwards tools to analysis the Eclipse code base are presented and it is explained how to build the Eclipse IDE itself.

The last chapters contains short information and interviews with Eclipse project leaders about how to contribute to selected popular Eclipse projects like SWT, JDT, CDT and Tycho.


Every book has errors/mistakes to a certain degree. You can find a list of the known bugs on the errata page of this book.

In case you find errors which have not yet been reported, please send an error report by email to:

Errors might be one of the following:
  • Typographical errors
  • Examples that do not work as described in the book
  • Factual errors that are not open to interpretation

Errata for the second edition

In 3.1. Eclipse top-level projects the "Internet of Things" is listed twice in the print edition.

Author Background

Lars Vogel Portrait Lars Vogel is the founder and CEO of the vogella GmbH company. He is project lead of the Eclipse platform UI and e4 project, member of the Eclipse PMC and active developer of the Eclipse IDE and RCP framework. He loves to share his knowledge by writing tutorials, books and speaking on software conferences.

For the customers of the vogella GmbH he delivers development, consulting, coaching and training in the areas of Eclipse, Android and Git. These customers include Fortune 100 corporations as well as individual developers.

Lars is a nominated Java Champion since 2012. In 2010 he received the Eclipse Top Contributor Award and in 2012 the Eclipse Top Newcomer Evangelist Award.

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