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The vogella GmbH is involved in IT reseach projects. Together with Universities and Industrial Partners accross Europe we are researching for intellegent and innovative software products. In the areas of Requirements Engineering and DEVOPS we are developing and designing better solutions.

EMPRI-DEVOPS is a German research project from the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) to reduce the amount of private data of employees beeing stored in the DEVOPS toolchain.

Within this project vogella perfomed, together with other partners of the project, an is-Analysis of the status quo of common DevOps tools and the typical usage of stored data coming from this tools by employers.

Tools already started to be developed, after analyzing the risks of the stored data and understanding the processing interests of the employer. These tools make use of privacy or transparency enhancing technologies to achieve an adequate mixture of interests of the employer and privacy of employees regarding the stored data in the DevOps toolchain.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an important topic in today's world. With the EMPRI-DEVOPS project we will find solutions which are compliant with GDPR and still consider the necessities of employers to see certain data.

During the project we already developed two tools:

  • Eclipse Plugin for Git
  • GitHub Browser Extension

The Eclipse Plugin for Git gives Eclipse users the ability to reduce the amount of personal information that they are leaking when interacting with the Git version control system. The Plugin offers the following fuctionalities:

  • Ability to redate new commits based on a fixed pattern
  • Ability to redate new commits based on a acceptable time window
  • Ability to save the original commit date in encrypted form
  • A preference page that allows you to configure and turn those features on/off

It can be installed from the Eclipse Marketplace by either dragging the installation link to a running Eclipse workspace,

Drag to your running Eclipse workspace. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client

by entering the search word 'empri' in the Eclipse Marketplace within the Eclipse IDE, or by using its Eclipse P2 update site

The GitHub Browser Extension gives the user the possibility to redact timestamps on GitHub. It enables the users to find out how detailed they need to see information regarding timestamps on GitHub. Is it really necessary to see dd/mm/yy hh:mm:ss or would it be sufficient to see dd/mm/yy or even mm/yy for commits and issues. Via the settings you can decide on the level of granularity by only changing the seconds, minutes, hour or month.

The GitHub Browser Extension is available for the following Browsers and can be installed from their Marketplaces:

For the GitHub Browser Extension we have a running study to identify the importance of the timestamp precision. If you would like to participate in the study please accept this in the post installation page or in the Extension Settings. To get more information about the study you can watch the video on the right side of this page.

The whole EMPRI-DEVOPS project is an open source project and is available at GitHub.

Eclipse Plugin for Git


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Checkegit-privacy Eclipse Plugin

Drag to your running Eclipse workspace. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client

GitHub Browser Extension

GitHub Browser Extension

GitHub Browser Extension - User Study


CheckGitHub repositories

Install for: CheckChrome CheckEdge CheckFirefox CheckOpera

OpenReq is an EU Horizon 2020 project for intelligent recommendation decision technologies for community-driven Requirements Engineering.

OpenReq industry partners from different domains have build solutions for their own businesses using OpenReq components.

Within this project vogella evaluated what it is needed to potentially increase the involvement of Eclipse Contributors to work on open bugs (requirements). This includes solving important bugs, closing irrelevant bugs or identify right Contributors to work on a certain bug.

We found out, that showing Eclipse Contributors a list of personalized prioritized bugs really enforce them to work on bugs and that showing them a list of the most discussed bugs of the month helps them to keep track on what is mostly being discussed and has a high visibility at the moment.

We developed an Eclipse Plugin which shows a personalized and prioritized lists of open bugs in Bugzilla for the Eclipse IDE project. For the prioritization of the bugs, personal interests of the Contributor as well as the relevance of a bug for the whole Eclipse IDE project are considered. The prioritization is done using a MAUT algorithm.

The Plugin offers, a view which shows personalized and prioritized bug reports and feature requests (requirements) from and a view which shows the most discussed bugs in the last 30 days from

Due to the fact that the Eclipse Project started to migrate to GitHub in the early 2022, the issue tracking system Bugzilla will not exclusively be used and the Eclipse Plugin was removed from the Eclipse Marketplace in April 2022.

The whole OpenReq project is an open source project and is available at GitHub.

Video of OpenReq industry partners


CheckGitHub repositories

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