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Cross mobile App Development with Flutter Training

Duration Target group
2 days Software developers
and architects

Training overview
In this workshop you will learn the basics about the Dart programming language, the Flutter framework and its architecture. The theory part of this workshop is accompanied by the development of an example app that covers many aspects of mobile app development. About 50% of the workshop will be the active (guided) development of the example app.

Training prerequisites
Basic knowledge of the architecture of native mobile apps and Dart (or comparable language: Java, C, C#, C++, Swift) knowledge.

Onsite Training

Place Date Language Price
Hamburg 21 - 22.11.19 German 1.000 EUR *


At your location tbd German / English Upon request


* We offer a colleague discount starting from the second registration. All prices are listed w/o VAT.
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Flutter - Overview of Flutter development

  • The Flutter architecture
  • The Dart programming language
  • Installing the tools (VSCode + Dart Code, Flutter SDK, Android SDK, iOS related Stuff)
  • Starting your first App
  • Tips & Tricks for Flutter development

Flutter - UI Elements

  • Overview of the widget hierarchy
  • Building user interfaces

Flutter - Data storing & Network communication

  • State Management
  • Making network calls
  • JSON in Dart

Flutter - Accessibility & internationalization

Flutter - Platform Specific Code

  • iOS specific code
  • Android specific code
  • Possible further integrations

Flutter - Testing

  • Debugging
  • Testing

Flutter - Deployment

  • Building for iOS
  • Building for Android
  • CI options

Pub - Dart package manager

  • Overview of Pub
  • How to integrate and use packages (Widgets)

Design guidelines

  • Design guidelines for iOS
  • Design guidelines for Android