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Cross mobile App Development with Flutter Training

Duration Target group
2 days Software developers
and architects

Training overview
In this workshop you will learn the basics about the Dart programming language, the Flutter framework and its architecture. The theory part of this workshop is accompanied by the development of an example app that covers many aspects of mobile app development. About 50% of the workshop will be the active (guided) development of the example app.

Training prerequisites
Basic knowledge of the architecture of native mobile apps and Dart (or comparable language: Java, C, C#, C++, Swift) knowledge.


Place Date Language Price
At your location tbd German / English Upon request


Agenda Download Agenda

Android Design

  • Android design key principles
  • Design recommendations for great applications

Using Model View Presenter in Android

  • The Model View Presenter pattern
  • Using build flavors to increase testability
  • Using dependency injection to increase testability

Fragments deep dive

  • Dynamic fragment replacement done right
  • Using headless fragments

Gradle deep dive

  • Building product flavors
  • Defining custom tasks

Using XML view databinding

Dependency injection with Dagger 2

  • What is dependency injection
  • Usage of Dagger 2 in Android
  • apt compile hooks

Efficient network communication

  • Using image processing libraries
  • Using OkHttp for HTTP requests
  • Using Retrofit for REST clients
  • Efficient Json parsing with Gson

Building reactive Android applications with RxJava

  • Overview of RxJava
  • Using RxJava in Android
  • Using RxJava as event system
  • Combining RxJava with Retrofit

Efficient list and grid handling

  • Optimizing lists and grid handling with RecylerView
  • Image handling with image libraries like Picasso

Custom and Compound Views and the Canvas API

  • Custom Views
  • Compound Views
  • Canvas API
  • Persisting View data
  • Single touch
  • Multi touch
  • Gesture detection

Background processing deep dive

  • Asynchronous processing deep dive
  • Headless Fragments
  • Loader
  • Android platform service
  • Declaring own services
  • Service and activity communication
  • Outlook: AIDL and interprocess communication

Tips and Tricks

  • Solving common design problems
  • Supporting several releases

Outlook: Cloud connectivity

  • Connecting to the Google Cloud
  • Using Firebase as backend