Nebula NatTable - Styling Tutorial. This tutorial explains the styling mechanisms in NatTable. After this tutorial you should be able to understand the basics of the labeling mechanism, the styling options and theme styling in NatTable.

1. Styling NatTable

NatTable has styling support. The abstract ThemeConfiguration specifies the theme configurations for NatTable core styling. It is technically a AbstractRegistryConfiguration and can be registered like any other configuration. For theme support and enabling changing the theme at runtime, a ThemeConfiguration should be set to a NatTable instance via NatTable#setTheme(ThemeConfiguration).

There are three default themes available in NatTable core:

  • DefaultNatTableThemeConfiguration - This is the classic NatTable styling that is used by default for a long time.

  • ModernNatTableThemeConfiguration - A more modern looking NatTable

  • DarkNatTableThemeConfiguration - A dark theme for NatTable

To create a custom theme you can directly extend the abstract ThemeConfiguration or extend one of the default theme configurations.

In its latest release, NatTable can also be styled via CSS, see for more information.