This tutorial contains notes about Codecov.

1. Codecov

Codecov is a code coverage tool, which is available for GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab

2. Setup

Go to and press the Sign in with GitHub button or the one for Bitbucket or GitLab.

codecov sign up

Once the Sign Up button has been pressed a redirection to GitHub will take place in order to authorize Travis CI as application.

codecov authorize

Press Authorize application to authorize Codecov, confirm this with your password and Codecov will ask for repositories to be checked.

Now Codecov should be listed as application in the settings.

github apps

After authorizing Codecov repositories from your either your account or organization can be chosen.

codecov repo select

Press desired Integrate a repository button and then choose a repository, which should be checked for code coverage.

3. Adding a Repository

By clicking on a certain repository or going to the proper URL, e.g.,{account-name}/{desired-repo} an API token will be shown.

api token

If Travis CI is used the API token is not required.

By pressing on the View example repositories a lot of example for different languages are shown.

4. Codecov resources

If you need more assistance we offer Online Training and Onsite training as well as consulting