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Useful Android Libraries - Tutorial

Lars Vogel

Version 1.4


Useful Android Library Projects

This article describes useful Android libraries and example code repositories.

Table of Contents

1. Useful Android library projects
2. Libraries
3. Code example repositories
4. Support this website
4.1. Thank you
4.2. Questions and Discussion
5. Links and Literature
5.1. Source Code
5.2. Android Resources
5.3. vogella Resources

1. Useful Android library projects

The nature of Android as Open Source project makes it easy for others to create useful libraries. This article lists popular Open Source libraries and useful example projects which makes it easier to create powerful Android projects.

2. Libraries

Otto – Event Bus for Android

Animation framework for Android versions as of 1.6

Page View indicator from Jake Wharton

AChartEngine – Charting Engine

ActionBarSherlock - ActionBar for pre Honeycomb Android versions

Pull to refresh library

ormLight ORM mapper

GreeDAO from Markus Junginger, ORM Mapper

Android Annotation framework

Dagger - dependency injection framework for Java and Android

RoboGuice is a dependency injection framework for Android

Roboletric for testing on the JVM

Android Scripting - Allows to run scripting languages on Android

3. Code example repositories

The most important source of example code are the API demos of Android. You can create a project with this sample code via the Android Sample project wizard by selecting the API demos entry.

Roman Nurik from Google keeps this example repository. Roman Nurik's examples

Mark Murthy (Android trainer, developer and book author) keeps his advanced examples in this repository. Mark Murthy's advanced examples

4. Support this website

This tutorial is Open Content under the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 DE license. Source code in this tutorial is distributed under the Eclipse Public License. See the vogella License page for details on the terms of reuse.

Writing and updating these tutorials is a lot of work. If this free community service was helpful, you can support the cause by giving a tip as well as reporting typos and factual errors.

4.1. Thank you

Please consider a contribution if this article helped you. It will help to maintain our content and our Open Source activities.

4.2. Questions and Discussion

If you find errors in this tutorial, please notify me (see the top of the page). Please note that due to the high volume of feedback I receive, I cannot answer questions to your implementation. Ensure you have read the vogella FAQ as I don't respond to questions already answered there.

5. Links and Literature

5.1. Source Code

Source Code of Examples

5.3. vogella Resources

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