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Lars Vogel

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Lars Vogel is the founder and CEO of the vogella GmbH company and works as an Eclipse, Git and Android consultant, trainer and book author.

He is a regular speaker at international conferences, like EclipseCon, Devoxx, OOP, Droidcon and O'Reilly's Android Open and has presented at the Google headquarters in Mountain View.

With more than one million visitors per month his website vogella.com is one of the central sources for Eclipse and Android programming information.

Lars is a nominated Java Champion since 2012 and a committer in the Eclipse 4 project. He also received the Eclipse Top Contributor Award in 2010 and the Eclipse Top Newcomer Evangelist Award in 2012.

Eclipse Award Winner Eclipse Award Winner Eclipse Award Winner

Presentations from Lars

Lars is a regular speaker on international conferences.
Date Topic Event Location URL
24.04.2013 What is hot at Eclipse? JAX Mainz, Germany
23.04.2013 Android Background processing and Animations JAX Mainz, Germany
26.03.2013 How to become an Eclipse committer and fork the Eclipse IDE in 20 minutes EclipseCon Boston, USA
26.03.2013 Shake that FUD, How to migrate your Eclipse 3.x legacy application to Eclipse 4 RCP EclipseCon Boston, USA
15.03.13 Warum jeder Java Entwickler nach 20 Minuten auch ein Android Entwickler sein kann Nordic Coding Kiel Kiel, Germany
24.01.2013 The Eclipse 4 Architecture OOP 2013 Munich, Germany
24.10.2012 Eclipse 4 and RAP EclipseCon Europe Ludwigsburg, Germany
24.10.2012 How to extend the Eclipse Application model EclipseCon Europe Ludwigsburg, Germany
22.10.2012 Eclipse 4 Tutorial EclipseCon Europe Ludwigsburg, Germany
26.09.2012 Android 4.0 + 1 - Was ist neu in Android Mobile Developer Conference 2012 Stuttgart, Germany Link
26.09.2012 10 Dinge die Android großartig machen Karlsruhe JUG Karlsruhe, Germany Link
24.08.2012 Android live coding Campus Party Berlin, Germany Link
05.07.2012 Eclipse 4 für Eclipse Entwickler JavaForumStuttgart Karlsruhe, Germany Link
21.06.2012 Android App Development in 90 Minutes Gameduell Berlin, Germany Link
04.05.2012 Cool Android 4.0 development with Eclipse Eclipse Developer Day Florence, Italy Link
26.04.2012 Die Eclipse 4 Anwendungsplatform Rheinjug Düsseldorf, Germany Link
19.04.2012 Android Live Coding JAX 2012 Mainz, Germany
18.04.2012 What is hot in Eclipse JAX 2012 Mainz, Germany
29.03.2012 Deep dive into Android Services and Energy management Mobile Tech Con Munich, Germany
27.03.2012 Building beautiful user interfaces with Android Mobile Tech Con Munich, Germany
19.03.2012 What is hot in Android 4 33Degress Warsaw, Poland
01.03.2012 Eclipse 4 - die neue Anwendungsentwicklungsplatform Majug Mannheim, German Link
15.02.2012 So what's so cool about Android 4.x? JFokus Stockholm, Sweden Link
13.02.2012 Jumpstart to Android App development JFokus Stockholm, Sweden Link
24.01.2012 Android Jumpstart- – Einführung in die Android Entwicklung OOP 2012 Munich, Germany Link
23.01.2012 Android Tauchkurs - Angewandte mobile Programmierung OOP 2012 Munich, Germany Link
30.11.2011 Building Applications with Eclipse 4 Googleplex Mountain View, USA Link
29.11.2011 Why development with Android Development Tools for Eclipse rocks Eclipse Demo Camp San Francisco, USA Link
14.11.2011 Android Jumpstart Devoxx Antwerp, Belgian Link
10.10.2011 Pushing Bits from the Cloud O'Reilly Android Open Conference San Francisco, USA Link
13.09.2011 Android Cloud to Device Messaging with the Google AppEngine MobileTechCon Mainz, Germany Link
21.07.2011 Sneak Preview Android Verein der Karlsruher Software-Ingenieure Karlsruhe, Germany Link
08.07.2011 Android Workshop Software Experts Network Stuttgart (SENS) Stuttgart, Germany Link
07.07.2011 Introduction to Android JavaForuStuttgart Stuttgart, Germany Link
05.05.2011 Entwickeln für die Google App Engine JAX 2011 Mainz, Germany Link
03.05.2011 Moderator for Eclipse Tools Day JAX 2011 Mainz, Germany Link
03.05.2011 What is hot in Eclipse JAX 2011 Mainz, Germany Link
21.04.2011 Cloud Computing mit Google App Engine Majug Mannheim, Germany Link
23.03.2011 Android Workshop Droidcon Berlin, Germany Link
21.04.2011 Cloud-to-Device Messaging with Android and the Google App Engine Droidcon Berlin, Germany Link
20.01.2011 Android Workshop SI-SE Fachtagung Bern, Switzerland Link
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