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The vogella GmbH is a German company which provides training, consulting, mentoring and free online tutorials in the areas of Eclipse, Android, Git, Java und Cross Mobile App Development.
vogella GmbH

vogella GmbH

The vogella GmbH is a German company based in Hamburg and provides services ranging from technology development, production and development support, training and mentoring in the area of Eclipse, Android and Git. Our customer base ranges from Fortune 100 corporations to individual developers. To see some of our reference customers, please visit our reference customers site.

Our employees are recognized experts in their area and are actively involved in the development of Open Source technologies. We also provide free online resources about Java, Eclipse, Web and Android development and related technologies.

We offer a variety of inhouse and open IT expert training. You can find a listing of them under Training.

Our core values

Acquire and distribute knowledge
Improvement over initial perfection
Automation over manual work

We are hiring

Please see Working for vogella for details on our job offerings in Hamburg, Germany.

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